Life-Gard Mobile
Marine Gasoline Fume Detector
Get an alert on your phone when dangerous gasoline fumes collect in your boat's bilge. The new Life-Gard Mobile gasoline fume detector is battery powered and needs no hook-up wiring.  Ideal for Inboard/Outboards. Installs in your boat's engine compartment with just four screws, no dashboard wiring or sensor wiring. Then download the free iOS Fume Detector app to your phone (android coming soon). Now your boat and its occupants are safer. Audible alarm too.  Change the 8 D cell batteries once a year. A 12v boat battery adapter is also included.  Sensor element included, never needs to be replaced and has a lifetime guarantee.*

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Life-Gard Mobile Owners Manual


Leaked gasoline fumes are heavier than air and will collect near the bottom of your boat's engine compartment. For this reason the Life-Gard Gasoline Fume Detector should be installed low in the engine compartment with the sensor basket facing down.  But the Fume Detector should not be placed so low that there is a possibility it could be splashed by bilge water which can damage the sensor element.

1) Position the Life-Gard Fume Detector so that the sensor basket is facing down and just above the bilge water slosh line in your engine compartment.

2) With no batteries in the Life-Gard Fume Detector, use all four (4) screws provided to securely attach the Fume Detector to a bulkhead or other structural member.

3) Fill the battery pack with eight (8) D cell batteries.  Push the battery pack into its cradle and connect the battery pack's plug to the plug receptacle.

4) Securely screw the face plate down to the rest of the Life-Gard Fume Detector with the screws provided.

5) Go to the AppStore and download "Fume Detector by Life-Gard Marine". Enter the Fume Detector ID when prompted by the app setup. The Fume Detector ID is found on a metal tag on the outside of the Life-Gard Gasoline Fume Detector. You also have the option to enter your boat's name or any other identifying phrase.

Your Life-Gard Gasoline Fume Detector is now operational and your phone should be indicating "SAFE" when you open the app.  If not, follow the prompts in red at the bottom of your phone's screen to adjust your phone's location settings.


You may be prompted to modify some of your phone's notification and location settings to optimize safety.  These prompts will appear in red at the bottom of your phone's screen while the Fume Detector app is open.

If a gasoline leak occurs a notification will be sent to your phone and if you open the Fume Detector app the app screen will indicate "GASOLINE VAPOR!"  It is a good idea to always open the Fume Detector app and check every time, before starting your boat's engine.  If the Fume Detector app screen indicates "SAFE" then there are no gasoline fumes in your boat's engine compartment. If the Fume Detector apps screen indicates "GASOLINE VAPOR!" then do not start your boat's engine.

Multiple phones can monitor the same Life-Gard Gasoline Fume Detector. Just down load the Fume Detector app and enter the Fume Detector ID on any phone. 

It is recommended that you change the Life-Gard Fume Detector batteries once a year.  If your batteries run low you will receive a "Low Batteries" notification on your phone.  An adapter kit is included in case you would like to hardwire the Life-Gard Fume Detector directly to your boat's 12V battery. 

Your phone must be onboard your boat or on the dock near your boat to receive messages from the Life-Gard Gasoline Fume Detector installed in your boat.

If your phone is too far away from your boat the app screen will indicate "Searching for detector..." until you are within range.


A short video demonstration of how to properly test the Life-Gard Mobile Marine Gasoline Fume Detector is available here.

The Life-Gard Gasoline Fume Detector will not detect propane or butane from a cigarette lighter.

1) Dip a rolled paper towel into a gasoline canister so that the bottom 3" of the paper towel is wet with gasoline.  Then place the gasoline-wetted end of the paper towel into a non-breakable metallic container, such as a clean soup can or other metallic container of about the same size.  Do not use a glass, plastic or other breakable container.

2) Open the Fume Detector app on your phone.  Make sure that your phone's precise location feature is on in your phone's settings.  The app screen should indicate "SAFE".

3) Now place the can containing the paper towel completely over the sensor basket.  The audible alarm on the Life-Gard Gasoline Fume Detector should sound in about 30 seconds.  The app on your phone will indicate "GASOLINE VAPOR!" two seconds later.

Mute the audible alarm if you like, using the mute button on the Life-Gard Gasoline Fume Detector.  Otherwise the audible alarm will stop shortly after you remove the can from the sensor basket. The Fume Detector app on your phone will take 15 minutes to reset.  See video.

4) Let the gasoline completely evaporate from the paper towel while keeping it away from heated engine parts and open flames.  Then soak the paper towel in water before disposing in a proper manner.


The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year for the original invoice date. Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer. The manufacturer agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a product of equal value in exchange without charge. Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase as confirmed by showing the model number on original dated sales receipt.

WARRANTY LIMITATIONS.  This warranty does not include:

a) Any condition resulting from other than ordinary wear or any use for which the product was not intended.

b) Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence or accidents.

*EXTENDED WARRANTY on gasoline sensor element: The manufacturer extends a lifetime guarantee for the gasoline sensor element and will replace it at no cost to the customer for as long as the customer owns the product, provided that the gasoline sensor element has not been submerged in, or suffused by oily bilge water or sustained mechanical damage.


The Life-Gard Fume Detector app utilizes your phone's beacon locating feature only to receive safety data from the Life-Gard Fume Detector aboard your boat.  The Life-Gard Fume Detector app does not store, re-transmit, track or otherwise use your location.

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